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                                          The special walking day
                        Hamburg local history at the super economy price
                        We drive exclusively in our experience convertible biplane bus,
                                     which is popular by children and teenagers.

  Anniversary supply
    Hamburg City Tour offers you an unique Sightseeing-Tour through Hamburg for you and your pupils!!
  I. Great sightseeing tour with live comment  
  Learn to know the historical and contemporary Hamburg with your pupils on a  tour lasting about 2.5 hours. The tour in addition contains a stop to the inspection and leadership of the St.-Michaels-Church and the old Elbtunnel.
This all at a reasonable price of
€ 8.50                                                           Enquiry
€ 6.00 Rundfahrt + € 2.50 Rundgang Michel/Elbtunnel = € 8.50
  II. Great sightseeing tour +great boat-trip round the harbour both with live comment  
  We offer you a combination-package consisting of a great sightseeing tour (like I.) and in addition a great boat-trip round the harbour through the warehouse complex and to the floating docks and container installations in the Hamburg port. This composite tour lasts for three and a half hours.

This combination-journey is available at a legendarily reasonable price of
€ 14.50              Enquiry
  III. Great sightseeing tour +great boat-trip round the harbour +inspection Rickmer Rickmers  
  Exactly as in the case of I and II you receive an inspection of the Rickmer Rickmers, the famous Cap horn yachtsman, one of the last sail freighters of this world in addition to our town and boat-trip round the harbour. Altogether, duration of our mega-tour is four and a half hours.

This mega-tour is available to the special price of
€ 17.50                                            Enquiry
  The group have to be at least 25 persons. Are you less? Please call us, we like to make an individual offer to you. A written registration is absolutely required. We like to stand for you from Mondays till Saturdays at the time of 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the disposal also by phone under the phone number +49 (0)40 32 31 85 90.
Or use our enquiry form!